About Us


Our Mission

We will always uphold the highest customer service standards, while providing our customers with a clean and organized retail area, ensuring our customers have an outstanding shopping experience!

At National thrift stores, Ltd., treating our customers, associates and communities with respect is a daily goal. We are committed to ethical business practices as a cornerstone our company.

Our Commitment



National Thrift Stores Ltd., believes that charity goes a long way. We have made it our mission to give underprivileged children a chance at a bright future. We work with World Vision Canada each year to sponsor children throughout the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does National Thrift Stores receive their merchandise from?

All goods in our stores are purchased directly by head office. Our warehouse sorts through 90.000 pcs daily. Since our goods are purchased we are able to choose the items that come into our stores. This in-turn makes our quality greater and brand names more plentiful.

I have lots of gently worn clothing. Will you buy it from me?

All our items come directly from the head office. We do not purchase goods directly from the public.

Do you Accept Donations?

Yes, we do accept donations. All goods are sent to the warehouse to either be donated or a monetary value for the clothing is given to charity.

What does National Thrift do with stuff it can’t sell?

Any merchandise that doesn’t sell at our stores are exported to third world countries. If any garment is unwearable, its material is manufactured to create other goods. National thrift stores ltd. Is entirely committed to responsible recycling.

Can I exchange items?

Merchandise can be exchanged witin 7 days of purchase provided the item has the original tags attached and the receipt. Since we stock 500 pcs daily, it is really easy to exchange if need be.

Can I hold items?

We do same day holds. Once the store closes items are placed back on the sales floor.

When do you have your 50 percent off sale days?

Our head office informs us the week before every 50 percent off sale. As soon as we learn the dates to an upcoming sale, depending on the method the customer selected we will either call or send an email to inform you.